The WGS Minor
Required Course:
WGS 300* - Introduction to Women's & Gender Studies
(need not be taken first in the WGS program of studies)
This course was formerly WGS 200.

ENG 300, Intro to Creative Writing: Gender, Voice & Point of View
(a section given occasionally by M. H. Stefaniak)
ENG 312, Mass Media and Modern Culture
WGS/CNE 316 - Women in Ancient Greece and Hellenistic Egypt
WGS/CNE 317- Women in Ancient Rome and Roman Egypt
WGS/SOC/AMS 318 - Gender in American Society
WGS/PLS 329 - Gender and Politics
SOC 341, American Cultural Minorities
WGS/PHL 348 - Philosophy of Feminism
WGS/ANT/SOC 360 - Gender, Society, and Culture

WGS/SWK 366 - The Status of Women: Progress & Process
PSY 374 - Human Sexuality
PSY 375 - Marriage and Family Relationships

HIS 390, Biography as History: Gender and Narrative
WGS/SWK/SOC/ANT 409 - Race & Gender Relations: Moral & Ethical Dilemmas
WGS/ENG 410 - Women in Literature
ARH 435 - Women, Art, & Society
SRP 437 - The Environment and Race, Class, & Gender
WGS/COM/SOC 440 - Gender Communication (accelerated version does not count for WGS)
WGS/HIS/AMS 460 - History of Women in the U.S.
WGS/HIS 464 - Women, Marriage and Family in East Asian Society
WGS 473 - The Psychology of Gender
WGS/SRP/COMM 477 - Gendered Health Across the Lifespan
WGS/PHL 479 - Philosophy of Love and Sex
WGS 493, Directed Independent Study (requires WGS Director's approval)
WGS/THL 518 - Women and the Bible
WGS/ENG 551 - Women Writers in French & Francophone Literature
WGS/THL 568 - Women in Christian Tradition
IDC 491 - Women in Science
MLS 628 - The Two Sexes: Gender Construction in Contemporary Culture

Honors students may take the following Honors courses for WGS credit:
HRS 308, The Theology of Medieval Women
HRS 326, Gender in Classical Antiquity
HRS 332, Thugs, Preps, & Playas: Critical Approaches to Masculinities
HRS 337, Musicology & Difference: Gender and Sexuality in Music
HRS 340, Green Cultural Studies: Nature, Space, and Bodies in Postmodern Culture

HRS 403 - Honors Seminar: Feminist Philosophy

New course offerings are currently in development and will be added to this site after receiving official approval.

*The WGS minor consists of 18 credit hours (six 3-credit courses).

*In addition to taking the required WGS 300 at some point, a student pursuing the WGS minor must select 15 hours from the WGS electives, all of which count for credit in another department or program.

*Although WGS 300 (formerly WGS 200) need NOT be taken first in the WGS program of studies, it is recommended that it be taken as early as possible due to its foundational role. At present, it is not offered every semester, and so, if possible, students intending to minor in WGS should take it whenever it is offered. It will be offered in Spring 2012.

*A student's electives must include courses from each of the two broad categories of Women's Studies and Gender Studies (indicated by "women" or "gender" in the course titles; or see this list.)

*Check-out this printable hand-out of all current WGS course offerings (updated annually).

*For a printable hand-out of WGS courses for Spring 2012, check back here at mid-semester.

Please direct questions about current or future course offerings to the WGS Director (ext. 5807;
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