Women's and Gender Studies Minor
~ a MINOR that makes a MAJOR difference ~

Women's and Gender Studies (WGS)
is an 18 credit-hour minor.
All WGS minors are required
to take WGS 300 (formerly WGS 200), but this introductory course need not be taken first.

The additional 15 credit hours may
be selected from the list of
WGS course offerings
(click on Curriculum above).
All courses are three credits
unless otherwise noted.

Courses offered infrequently that highlight women or gender can be taken with the approval of the WGS Director.
Additional courses will be added
(e.g., in the Sciences) in the future.
Sad News for the Creighton Community:
the death of Kali Rose Mann, '09
a WGS "Minor".
See WGS Newss.

Women's and Gender Studies
introduces students to the rapidly expanding
areas of scholarship focused upon
women, men, and gender.

As Women's Studies, the program highlights
the experiences and contributions of women,
both historically and in contemporary society.

As Gender Studies, the program explores constructions and experiences
of gender roles
and diverse orientations.

In combination, students discover new, more inclusive ways of thinking and relating in contemporary society.