John Cleese on why philosophy is nothing to laugh at

Track 1: What is it that philosophers do? (0:55)
Track 2: Living the ideal of a scientific life (0:42)
Track 3: You are fully alive only if you live in the present (0:34)
Track 4: We move in a formation (0:41)
Track 5: The meaning of life (0:36)
Track 6: Obligations to future generations (0:41)
Track 7: Desiring what we don't have (0:52)
Track 8: Life seems better elsewhere (0:38)
Track 9: Who philosophy has inspired (0:46)
Track 10: Is it good the world is becoming more uniform? (1:00)
Track 11: Mystery and politics (0:40)
Track 12: Philosophy bakes no bread, so what is it good for? (0:52)
Track 13: Quality of life or quantity? (0:33)
Track 14: Courage is knowing what to fear (0:50)
Track 15: Is seeing our dreams fulfilled terrible? (0:35)
Track 16: Values change (0:44)
Track 17: How should one decide what to do? (0:40)
Track 18: Philosophy seems so harmless and yet ideas really matter (0:32)
Track 19: The 21st century belongs to philosophy (0:42)
Track 20: How can we tell if our neighbors are any good? (0:40)
Track 21: Why are we afraid to die? (0:31)
Track 22: Is it more important in life to get what we want or to like what we get? (0:38)