Jeffrey Hause

Associate Professor of Philosophy and of

Classical and Near Eastern Studies

Fall 2009 Courses           


Moral Psychology


Current Research Projects

Aquinas on Will, Virtue, and Moral Responsibility

Aquinas's Disputed Questions on the Virtues

Shusaku Endo's The Sea and Poison: An Exercise in Conscience

The Vocation of the University


Select Publications

"Thomas Aquinas and the Voluntarists" (MP&T)

   (Contends that the later Aquinas's action theory is decidedly

intellectualist and non-voluntarist.)

"Aquinas on the Function of Moral Virtue" (ACPQ v.81 n.1)

    (Click here for preprint.)

“’A Summer in Rouen’: A Tragicomedy of Virtues Unhad and

 Goods Ungained,” (Studies in the Humanities v.32 n.1)

    (Contends that Shusaku Endo's tragicomic short story makes an

original contribution to the theory of virtue.  Click here for preprint.)

"John Duns Scotus" (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)


Midwest Mediaeval Philosophy Colloquium


Click here for curriculum vitae.


Useful Links

Thomas Aquinas's Works in Latin can be reached via Robert Pasnau's Aquinas Latinus Page.

Patristic texts, Anselm's major works, and assorted Christian writings can be found at the Christian Classics Ethereal Library.

Paul Spade's Mediaeval Logic and Philosophy Site

Thomas Aquinas's Summa theologiae in English

The Perseus Digital Library