Mediaeval Culture as Evidenced by Gargoyles

The Protector (circa 1997, amy l. begier)

I hope at this site to explore the relationship between gargoyles and medieval culture. They are I believe a succinct example of the ideology, religion and architecture of the time period. Hopefully, this page will also demonstrate the interaction between the world of academia and the WWW positively; which is one of the functions of a course being taught at Le Moyne College entitled Museums and Social Science. Please feel free to peruse our syllabus. Thank you.

As far as museum visitors go, there are three basic types: the streaker, the stroller and the student. A streaker flies through a museum as though on a mission, quickly perusing the exhibits. A stroller will move at a slower pace than a streaker pausing here and there to read a few descriptions while viewing the exhibits of a museum. A student may never leave a museum; for hours (possibly days) a student will read every little detail within a museum. A student will see every exhibit in its entirety and will somehow gain access to areas of the museum that the general public doesn't know exist. If you desire, you may take one of the three tours of this museum based on your personal museum going preference: streaker, stroller or student. To opt for this method, simply click on the arrow with your designation and continue to do so throughout the museum. You are always free to use the menu at the bottom of the screen to go to another area of the museum. A suggested room for this type of exploration is Just For Kids, for those who are truly young or young at heart. As always, enjoy.

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Gargoyles, Museums and Anthropology

Mediaeval Culture

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Gargoyles and Chimeres of Notre-Dame de Reims

Gargoyles and Chimeres of Notre-Dame de Paris

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Notre-Dame de Reims

Notre-Dame de Paris

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