Gallery II

Gargoyles and Chimeres


Notre-Dame de Paris

Below you will find, offered for your perusal, a number of exhibits. Each of the structures in the exhibits was originally constructed during the 13th Century AD. They can all be found at the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris. Take your time and enjoy at your leisure. The following images have been culled from a variety of sources found in the research section of this museum.

Notre-Dame de Paris

The Vampire

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Monster With Wings

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Row of Gargoyles

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Gargoyles on Top

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Chimere in Human Form

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Demon Devouring Human Soul

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The Alchemist

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In case you entered the museum by a route other than the Introduction and need further explanation of the terms Streaker, Stroller and Student, please refer to the Introduction. Thank-you.

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Gargoyles and Chimeres of Notre-Dame de Reims

Gargoyles and Chimeres of Notre-Dame de Paris

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Victorian Gargoyles

Notre-Dame de Reims

Notre-Dame de Paris

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