Image from Pipe Bag, Minneconjou Lakota ca. 1885

Lakota Dakota Bibliography

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April 13, 2011

Image from Pipe Bag, Minneconjou Lakota ca. 1885
Welcome to the Lakota Dakota bibliography. If you have a citation which is not included on this list

My only motivation in creating this bibliography is to make a return to Native and other interested parties by making this material more known and freely accessible. I do not act as a censor for this material nor do I judge its worth -- basically if the material deals with the topic of the Lakota or Dakota peoples I list it in the bibliography.

The bibliography stands now at 6,044 references (formerly 5,916). I have cobmined all the reference on to one single page. Please let me know if the page works well or not. The advantage of a single page is that you can search all the references at one time via your web browser search utility rather than having to switch screens. Special thanks to my research assistant Christina Hummel who worked on the bibliography this year.

Be aware that some of this material is controversial in certain circles and that this material represents but one of many sources of cultural understanding.

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