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The Jesuit Retreat & Seminar Center at Sacred Heart Novitiate is located along Quirino Highway northeast of Manila. It is 15 kilometers from Quezon Memorial Circle and 17 kilometers from Katipunan flyover of the C-5 highway, on the road to Tala Leprosarium, Lourdes Grotto and Sapang Palay. The place is situated on a 22-hectare property and overlooks the surrounding countryside. It is filled with giant trees and is a sanctuary for scores of bird species that inhabit the woods. There are recreational facilities for swimming, handball, basketball and soccer. Sacred Heart Novitiate has one of the biggest parks for retreat houses in the Metro Manila Area. The wide-open green spaces, cool trees, quiet grounds, and outdoor benches make it a conducive place for prayer, reflection and seminars.

Main Building: Sacred Heart Novitiate and Retreat House
Sacred Heart Novitiate and Retreat House: Original Building

The retreat House has five conference rooms with capacity ranging from 30 to 100 persons. Two of those rooms with a capacity of 30 persons are air conditioned. It has three small chapels having a capacity of 40-50 people and a big chapel which can accommodate as many as 200 persons. The sleeping quarters have 36 enclosed rooms, 20 cubicle type rooms. The total capacity of the house is 140 persons. Other facilities of the house include a photocopier and a fax machine. We have various size dining facilities and our cooking staff specializes in Filipino culinary treats such as our famous "Arroz Caldo" and Ube!

Retreat directors are available for individual and group retreats. Annually from October 19 to November 19, the whole house is reserved for those making the full Spiritual Exercises, that is, the 30 day retreat. The house can assist in facilitating reservation and contacting spiritual directors.

Retreat House Wing
Retreat House Wing built in 1954


Venancio S. Calpotura, SJ, Superior and Novice Master, Ramon L. Bautista, SJ, Socius, Minister and Director of the Retreat House, John F. Moran, SJ. - gives individual retreat, Art Borja, SJ., Director of Spiritual Pastoral Formation Year Program of San Jose Seminary; Danilo B Gozar, SJ - gives individual and group retreats; Salvador S. Wee, SJ - gives individual and group retreats; Joey de Leon, SJ., gives individual, group retreats and Enneagram seminar; Fr. Santiago A. Gaa, SJ gives individual retreat.

P.O. Box 172, 1117
Quezon City, Philippines

939-50-60 / 936-33-77 / 936-33-80



Main Chapel for Retreat House and Novitiate
Main Chapel


1 main chapel that can accommodate 200 persons
1 chapel that can accommodate 60 persons
2 oriental type chapel that can accommodate 20 persons

View from the retreat house....
Inspiring view of the valley from the Retreat House


Filipinos are known for extended family. We are a very hospitable, friendly, gentle and freedom loving people. Family is very important to us, so it is no wonder that even in offices and other institutions the boss and subordinate kind of treatment rarely exists. We treat our co-workers regardless of ranks, education and family background as our "extended family," always with deep respect. Thus part of the retreat experience here is to also become part of our family which cares for each retreatant as a welcome and respected family member.

Front row starting from the right: Arthur Garcia (Administrator) Marigold Roncal-Caspellan (Retreat House Manager) Minda Albeza ( food server) Edmund Lizardo (porter)
Back row starting from the right: Fred Evangelista (Maintenance), Ferdie Centeno (dishwasher) Edward Aquino (Maintenance), Fred Gados (House Painter), Romar Dabucon (Grounds), Benny Aquino (Laundryman), Susing Bautista (Cook), Victor Bentulan (Cook)

Fr. Tom O'Gorman, S.J., (left) director of the tertianship stands with Dennis (right) who maintains the second floor of the Novitiate building, including the main chapel.
Fe (right) is our storekeeper and surrogate mother for our many kittens. Dong (right) is our ever effecient kitchen server who cooks our afternoon snacks (merienda) and the oh so tasty "Arroz Caldo".

Not pictured among our staff are Yoli R. Garcia (accountant), Angel Lagado (In-charge of our piggery and poultry), Caloy Cardenas (Cook), Canet Bautista (Server), Ric Malana and Melo 'Tucko" Miranda (Security Guards). Roberto Manzo (In-charge of fishpond), Ike Ondivilla, Cesar Quinao (Master Carpenter who made the beautiful frames, chairs, index cabinet in the library of the novices, etc.)


140 Persons


36 enclosed rooms, 33 cubicle-type rooms
1 director's room with toilet and bath
2 conference room with maximum capacity of 100 persons per room
2 airconditioned conference room with maximum capacity of 30 persons per room
1 conference room with maximum capacity of 60 persons


Marigold Roncal-Caspellan (936-3377) or send e-mail for information on rates and reservations

Pool and a variety of other recreational spaces are open to the retreatants

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