Devotional Statue of Fr. Pro, S.J.

Fr. Evenson shows statue of Fr. Pro, S.J. to Fr. Suarez, S.J.

In February, Father Dennis Evenson of Northfield, MN, traveled to Mexico City to take information about the cause in the United States to Father Fernando Suarez, SJ, Pro's Vice Postulator in Mexico. All of the mail, with reports of favors and requests for information which is sent to ProVision or Lawrence LeLeux in Houston, along with new articles about Blessed Miguel which appear in newspapers and magazines or books is collected and forwarded on to Father Suarez once or twice a year when someone visits Mexico City. Father Dennis also took along the new statue of Pro.

Fr. Suarez, S.J. inspects the base of the statue of Fr. Pro, S.J.

Father Suarez is shown looking at the base of the statue where the first group of statues is individually hand numbered. Eventually, it is hoped that the statues will be available through religious goods stores but the first casting of them is now available only through the cause group in Houston.

A big thank you to Father Dennis for his help in carrying cause information to Mexico City. Sending the information and materials by mail is impossible, so we are very thankful for those like Father Dennis who become Pro's good "pack mules."

Devotional Items at Fr. Pro's Shrine

Fr. Pro's Remains in a Shrine in Mexico City

Father Bart de la Torre,O.P., a cousin of Blessed Miguel's from California presents one of the devotional statues to Father David Fernandez, S.J..

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