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Fr. Miguel Pro, S.J.
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This page contains information on the life of Blessed Miguel Pro, S.J. Each link reveals something of the history of a Saint, a man holy in wisdom, fun, tricks, poetry, song, and even dance!


Uncropped Versions of Pro Photos
Here are some photos which have often been cropped in the versions most commonly seen. 

1925 In Belgium with Friends: Blessed Miguel was sent to study theology with the French Jesuits who at that time had been exiled to Belgium. He was ordained at Enghien, Belgium.

Blessed Miguel's 1925 Ordination Class Photograph

Two Pictures in Nicaragua: These photos, made in Nicaragua in 1921, show Miguel with some of his students and on a picnic day in the country. 

Excelsior with Conspirators: The headline of the Excelsior falsely proclaimed:  The Authors of the Dynamite Attempt have been Convicted and have Confessed". The young engineer pictured top left did confess his part in the attempt, but stated the Pro brothers were not involved.  They died proclaiming their innocence.

Picture of the Conspirators: Photos of the accused conspiritors.  Miguel's brother Humberto is at top left; Miguel at top right.

Morgue Photograph of the Martyred Pro: The body of the martyr was taken to the morgue at the Hospital Juarez for the mandated autopsy.

Two Pictures from Pro's Funeral: November 24, 1927, at the front of the Jesuit church of the Holy Family, a multitude accompanied the remains of Father Pro.

Marker where Pro was Shot: This marker commemorates the place where Father Pro was murdered and where years later the building for the national lottery was built. 

Contemporary Photos of Fr Pro's Home: Our friend Loretta went to Mexico City in 2005 to locate and photograph the exact site of Father Pro's martyrdom for us.

Contemporary Photos of Fr. Pro's Martyrdom Site: Our friend Loretta went to Mexico City in 2005 to locate and photograph the exact site of Father Pro's martyrdom for us.


During his brief lifetime, Blessed Miguel wrote many cards and letters to friends. These missives give glimpses into the heart and soul of a saint as his joy and love of God shows through his own words.

Letters From A Friend: In 2006 Joan Camp Campins made a wonderful discovery among her Father's treasured memorabilia - letters from our saint!


Our saint was known for drawing humorous cartoons and doodles.

Falling off a horse: A warning from Miguel to his brother.
cat and dog: This kitty is obviously up to something!
Playing a harp: Perhaps this is a self portrait. Pro added one of his poems to this drawing.


Centro de Estudios Cristeros - Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara This is an article on the execution of Pro from the website of the Anacleto Gonzalez Flores Center for Cristero Studies at the Jesuit Autonomous University of Guadalajara, Mexico.  (Spanish language)

The Lawless Roads Graham Greene mentions Blessed Miguel Pro in this prologue.

Christ's Witness: Father Paolo Molinari, S.J., postulator general of the Company of Jesus writes of Pro's life showing that Pro's mission was to be a priest of Christ in order to be close to those suffering and in need; to spread the Kingdom of charity without neglecting that of justice. It was this priestly spirit and this 'social solicitude' of the Church that were the target of the execution squad when Father Pro was shot.

Exile in the United States: This page contains an essay on the time Blessed Miguel and his fellow Jesuit novices spent in exile in the United States at Los Gatos, California. Illustrations include the relic of Pro's blood and the outdoor shrine at Los Gatos.

Mother Mary Angel: As a child, Mother Mary Angel Mendoza of the Carmelite monastery in New Caney, Texas, received her first communion from Blessed Miguel. The ceremony was held in secret.

The Martyrdom: This is the most dramatic part of our site -- actual photographs of Blessed Pro's execution! Plutarco Calles invited the news media with the intention of showing Pro as a groveling coward. Instead, the photos speak eloquntly of his heroism.

Fr. Pro's Shrine: Here you can view photographs of the shrine in Mexico City where the martyrs remains are venerated.

A Saint's Favorite Treat: What is cocol and why did Pro sign his letters "Cocol" while he was in hiding? Print the recipe and try it yourself.

Our Lady of Sorrows: This page is Blessed Miguel's beautiful request of the Virgin of Sorrows. Illustrations include a striking work of modern art by Enrique de la Vega.

A Reflection on Blessed Miguel's Poetry: Ttthis is a reflection by Lawrence LeLeux on one of Blessed Miguel's poems.

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