Blessed Miguel Pro, S.J.
¡ Viva Cristo Rey !



On June 8, 2008 Ann Ball died peacefully at home. She was a friend of Miguel's with many stories of how he would trck her. She was also a friend of mine and tricked me into working with her on this web page. She was one of the most amazing people I ever met -- a true saint in her own way without, like Miguel her patron, ever acting like one. I will continue to keep up this page in Ann's memory and now that now I have two patrons in heaven, each of whom is capable of tricks to keep us on the Lord's path. You can read about her on her memorial page and also view her web page.
-- Rev. Raymond A Bucko, S.J.

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Fr. Miguel Pro, S.J.

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This site is maintained in memory of Ann Ball by Lawrence LeLeux and Fr. Ray Bucko, S.J. at Creighton University