Saint Joseph
Shadow of the Father

"We have found the one
Of whom Moses wrote in the Law
And of whom the prophets wrote also
Jesus from Nazareth
The son of Joseph."

John 1:45

This icon of St. Joseph was commissioned by my sister Marjory a nd her family in Colorado. It was "written" as a prayer of longing for a prophecy in the Church to be fulfilled, which says Joseph will come with the Child and bring peace.

The dove in the Child's hand symbolizes this Peace. It was only while reading Father André Doxer's (the Chaplain of Lourdes) book, St. Joseph Shadow of the Father, that I understood the icon could also be seen as an image of the Holy Trinity.

St. Joseph is patron on Canada, of numerous congregation s of women and men, of contemplatives, fathers, husbands, carpenters, and all workers, of a "happy" death, and patron of the Universal Church... the Mystical Body of Christ.

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