A Prayer For Unity: Holy Martyrs

St. Peter the Aleut and St. Andrew Bobola, S.J.

A Prayer For Unity

Lord our God, your Son gave himself up to
death to bring your scattered children into unity.
Grant us perserverance in Christ's work of
reconciliation for which St. Peter the Aleut and
St.Andrew Bobola died as martyrs.
We ask this through Our Lord Jesus Christ, your son
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God for ever and ever


In 1815, a young native of Kodiak Island became the third martyr for the Orthodox Faith in America where he was tortured and murdered by Roman Catholics, near Mission Dolores in San Francisco because he would not leave his faith. His Aleut name was Cungagnaq, but he received the Christian name Peter when he was baptized by the monks of the Kodiak mission.

Father Andrew Bobola was born in 1591 in Poland. He entered the Society of Jesus in Vilna, in 1611. He became an outstanding preacher, catechist, and he also worked amidst two plagues that struck Vilna in 1624 and 1629.

In May of 1657 Cossacks attacked the city of Janow and massacred Catholics and Jews. Andrew Bobola was threatened with death if he would not leave his faith. On May 16th Fr. Bobola was taken by the Cossacks, tortured and murdered. A martyr like Peter the Aleut, he died a most horrible yet heroic death for his beliefs and convictions.

The account of St. Peter is taken from an Orthodox publication. The account of St. Andrew is taken from Fr Joseph Tylenda's book of Jesuit saints.

This icon was commissioned as a Prayer for Unity, symbolized by the circular shape.

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