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"There will be a new springtime for the Church
If people will welcome the promptings of the Holy Spirit,
The 21st Century will usher in a new evangelization;
and, a tidal wave of conversions will sweep the earth."

Pope John Paul II

Fr. McNichols with John Paul II

"To paint and to pray are the same thing" -- Balthus

"Even if a unity of faith is not possible,
a unity of love is" -- von Balthasar

Prayer for Peace

Great and merciful God,
Lord of peace and life,
You have plans for peace, and not affliction.
You condemn wars
and defeat the pride of the violent.

You sent your Son Jesus
to preach peace to those near and far,
to gather people of every race
and nation into a single family.
Hear the single-hearted cry of all humanity:
no more war, a spiral of death and violence,
a threat against all your creatures
in heaven on the earth and in the sea.

In communion with Mary, the Mother of Jesus
once again we implore you:
R speak to the hearts of those responsible
for the fate of peoples,
stop the `logic' of revenge and retaliation,
with your Spirit suggest new solutions,
generous and honorable gestures,
room for dialogue and patient waiting
which are more fruitful than
the hurried deadlines of war.

John Paul II

I honor and reverence the Byzantine icons and the profound spirituality of the Orthodox Churches. I try to bring true devotion and prayer into the process of creating (writing) an icon - dependent upon the inspiration of the Blessed Trinity, the saints, holy ones, and the Mother of God. As a Roman Catholic iconographer, I have no intention of assuming to be Orthodox, but continue to pray with many others, for holy unity brought about by the Spirit, amongst the Churches. In the words of Julian of Norwich: "For love's sake, let its pray together to God, with God's working: thanking, trusting, enjoying for our good Lord desires to be prayed to in this way. "
-- William Hart McNichols,

Advent - Lent - Easter: On-Line Retreats

Fr. McNichols offers retreats and reflections for Advent and Lent on this web page. You will find the links to the retreat at the bottom of the retreat introduction page. Please come, read, see, pray, and be refreshed.

La Santa Cruz de Ciambue: Fr. McNichols requested that this icon be posted on Ash Wednesday of 2004.

Exhibits of Fr. McNichols' Works

Throughout the month of May, 2002, Fr. McNichols is having an exhibit and sale entitled "Ave Maria: Images in Honor of the Mother of God" which is taking place at Taos Traditions. After May 31 this exhibit will travel to any group or institution interested in hosting it. Appropriate places include museums, galleries, universities, high schools, grade schools, and parieshes. The show is appropriate for fund raising as well. For further information please contact Mrs. Debra de la Torre, 2401 Cutler NE, Alburquerque, NM, 87106.

Stations of the Cross

  • The Stations of the Cross of a Person With AIDS, written and illustrated by William Hart McNichols. This piece was composed in 1989 when there was little in the way of treatment for those with AIDS. Although treatment has become wonderfully more effective AIDS continues to be a life threatening disease of even greater global consequence than it was when these prayers were written.


Poems by Fr. William McNichols

Reflections by Fr. William McNichols

Icon Meditation Books

  • Aloysius by Clifford Stevens & William Hart McNichols. Available from the St. Francisco de Asis parish office in Ranchos de Taos, NM (505) 758-2754 to inquire
  • The Bride Icons by Fr. McNichols and Reflections by Fr. Daniel Berrigan, S.J. (available from Orbis Books)
  • Mary, Mother of All Nations Icons by Fr. McNichols and Reflections by Megan McKenna (available from Orbis Books)
  • Christ All Merciful Icons by Fr. McNichols and Reflections by Megan McKenna (available from Orbis Books )

Icons by Fr. William McNichols,

Icons of the Divine

Icons of Christ

Icons of the Mother of God

Festal Icons

Franciscan Subjects

Jesuit Subjects

Icons of Saints and Blesseds and Holy Women and Men

Information on Fr. McNichols

If you would like to obtain reproductions of Fr. McNichols' icons, commission an icon, or use an icon on your own web page please read our information page.





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