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CANES is host to an active chapter of the Eta Sigma Phi Honor Society. Each Spring (and occasionally at other times) there is a formal ceremony at which eligible students desiring to join are initiated (Eta Sigma Phi grants several scholarships to members on a competitive basis, so joining the Society is highly recommended). The day of the Eta Sigma Phi initiation often concludes with a celebratory party. Students are encouraged to attend Eta Sigma Phi conventions when they are within reasonable travel distance of Omaha.

There is a listserve (classics@creighton.edu) containing all members of Eta Sigma Phi and the Classics Club.

Eta Sigma Phi members are eligible to order pins and keys bearing the society's seal. Please ask one of the CANES faculty for information or see the departmental copy of the Eta Sigma Phi Newsletter, the Nuntius.

In addition, Eta Sigma Phi members have the privilege of wearing a society Honor Cord at graduation. The text of the official advertisement is reprinted immediately below:

Eta Sigma Phi Honor Cords
Eta Sigma Phi offers Honor Cords to graduating members. The cords, which are purple and gold, are $15 each, including postage and handling, or $12 each if the cords are picked up at the national convention. Orders for the cords should be sent at least four weeks before they are needed. Orders, with a check for the total amount payable to Eta Sigma Phi, should be sent to C. Wayne Tucker, Eta Sigma Phi, H-S Box 68, Hampden-Sydney, VA 23943-0068.

April 2004 initiates: was the most recent Eta Sigma Phi initiation. New inductees: Joe Byam, Heidi Draayer, Brian Gockley, Chris Hogrefe, Tim Jeffries, Rebekah Jerde, Sarah Lewis, Julie Mund, Whittney Smythe-Smith, and John Welch. See photos of the festivities here.

February 2005 initiates: Laura Domeier, Alyssa Egger, Vanessa Espinosa, James Hillis, Tricia Jacobson, Carolyn Kor, Stacy Lucht, Stephanie Nevins, Taylor Page, Cathy Reid, Stephanie Russo, Nick Sakis, Sarah Schmidt, Kyle Smith, Brian Taber, John Taylor, Sarah Tielke, Zach Torgersen. Group photo here.

April 2006 initiation (20 April): photo here, list of names pending.

April 2010 initiation (9 April): photo here: Back row, l-r: Shelby Snedecker, Landon Ross, Nick Herman, Frankie Nilan, Jenny Murphy, Lauren Turco, Jack Philibert (behind Turco), Zac Holmes, William Marquardt, Niki Desai, Paige Bockman. Front, l-r: Michelle Stading, Shannon Frech, Erin Cahill, Samira Tella, Lydia Riehl (2009 Jacks Scholar), Gretchen Stricker. Congratulations to all!

Eta Sigma Phi Fasti:

2002-2003 Academic Year.
Prytanis (President): Jenny Fotsch
Hyparchos (Vice President): Thinh T. Ho
Chrysophylax (Treasurer): Anastasia McCaffrey
Grammateus (Secretary): Jasmine Parhar
Pyloros (Sergeant-at-Arms): Brandon Massin

2003-2004 Academic Year.
Prytanis: Amanda Kimura
Hyparchos: Brian Barrett
Chrysophylax: Rachel Waggoner
Grammateus: Michael Dawson
Pyloros: Katie Antholz
Chapter historian: Colin McGrath
Creighton Classical Society attaché: Julie Mund

2004-2005 Academic Year.
Prytanis: Brian Barrett
Hyparchos: Julie Mund
Chrysophylax: Colin McGrath
Grammateus: Heidi Draayer
Pyloros: Sarah Lewis
Classics Club attaché: Bekah Jerde
Historian: Brian Gockley
TBD officer: Joe Byam

2005-2006 Academic Year
Prytanis: Heidi Draayer
Hyparchai: Sarah Lewis and Stacy Lucht
Grammateus: Brian Gockley
Chrysophylax: Carolyn Kor
Pyloros: Zach Torgerson
Historian: Vanessa Espinosa
Classics Club attachés: Stephanie Nevins and Whittney Smythe-Smith

2006-2007 Academic Year
Prytanis: Taylor Page
Hyparche: Sarah Schmidt
Grammateus: James Hillis
Chrysophylax: Zachary Torgersen
Pyloros: David O'Brien
Historian: Vanessa Espinosa
Classics Club attaché: Stephanie Nevins
Membership Chair/Kybernetes: Kyle Smith

2007-2008 Academic Year
Prytanis: Stephanie Nevins
Hyparche: Claire Climer
Grammateus: Adam Karnik

Chrysophylax: Jim Kult
Pyloros: Nick Quinn
Historian: Brady Keim
Membership Chair: Brian Martens

2008-2009 Academic Year
Prytanis: Brian Martens

2009-2010 Academic Year
Prytanis: Adam Karnik

2010-2011 Academic Year
Prytanis: Brian Clifton
Hyparchos: Leslie Jones
Grammateus: Lydia Riehl
Chrysophylax: Daniel Meeker
Pyloros: Paige Bockman
Historian: Claire O'Brien
Membership Chairs: Lauren Turco and Zac Holmes
Club Attaches: Shelby Snedecker and Landon Ross

2011-2012 Academic Year
Prytanis: Leslie Jones
Hyparchos: Lydia Riehl
Grammateus: Page Bockman
Chrysophylax: Rance Fujiwara
Pyloros: Gretchen Stricker
Kybernetes: Miriam Murray
Attachés: Matthew Ravizza, Casey Keel, Justin Shramm, William Marquardt



Artistic Events:

Internationally-famous pianist John Kamitsuka offered a piano recital on 10 April 2006.*†∞¶¢
John Kamitsuka returns, plays Beethoven's Diabelli Variations, 19 March 2009.
Kamitsuka returned for a mini-residency at Creighton 24-27 March 2010.

Conferences and Symposia:

"The Good, the Bad, and the Altered: Toward a Method of Identifying Recut and Typologically Irregular Roman Imperial Portraits", a symposium held at Creighton University, 21 April 2009, featuring the following speakers:
Gregory S. Bucher, Creighton University
Meghan C. Freeman, Creighton University
Richard De Puma, University of Iowa
John Pollini, The University of Southern California
Eric Varner, Emory University

The Golden Compass, a panel discussion organized by Professor Geoff Bakewell, held at Creighton University February 10, 2010,
with the following speakers:
Professor Ortwin Knorr, Willamette University
Professor Daniel Moloney, Editor of First Things Magazine

Recent public lectures:

Professor Susann Hofstra of Iowa State University (Fall 2001-2002)†
Professors Kurt A. Raaflaub and Deborah Boedeker of Brown University (Spring 2001-2002)†
Professor Stewart Flory of Gustavus Adolphus College (Fall 2002-2003)†
Professor Gary A. Rendsburg of Cornell University (Fall 2002-2003)
Professor Elizabeth Carney, of Clemson University (Spring 2002-2003)º
Professor Jennifer Larson, of Kent State University (Fall 2003-2004)º
Professor Luc Brisson, of the Sorbonne University, Paris (Fall 2004-2005)
Professor Christopher Celenza, of Michigan State University (Spring 2004-2005)*†§∞¶•ª
Professor Anna Harwell Celenza, of Michigan State University (Spring 2004-2005)*†§∞¶

Professor Elizabeth Meyer of the University of Virginia (Spring 2005-2006)*†§¶
Professor J.E. Lendon, of the University of Virginia (Spring 2005-2006)*†§¶
Professor Jon Mikalson, of the University of Virginia (Spring 2005-2006)º
Professor Carin Green, of the University of Iowa (Fall 2007-2008)*†¶
Professor Donald Lateiner, of Ohio Wesleyan University (Fall 2008-2009)¢
Professor Jennifer Larson, of Kent State University (Fall 2008-09)

Professor Julia Dyson Hejduk, Baylor University (Fall 2008-2009)
Professor Derek B. Counts, UW Milwaukee (Spring 2008-2009)
Professor Elisabetta Cova, UW Milwaukee (Spring 2008-2009)
Professor Erin W. Averett, Creighton University (Spring 2008-2009)
Professor Brenda Longfellow, University of Iowa (Spring 2009)
Professor Timothy Mahoney, Providence College (Fall 2009)

Professor Anthony Corbeill, University of Kansas (Spring 2010)

*Event was held with the assistance of the University Committee on Films, Lectures, and Concerts.
†Event held with the assistance of the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.
§Event held with the assistance of Dean Barbara Braden of the Graduate School and University College.
¶Event held with the assistance of Geoffrey Bakewell, Barry Professor in charge of the Honors Program
∞Event held with the assistance of Wendy Wright, The Kenefick Chair for the Humanities.
•Event held with the assistance of the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures.
ª Event held with the assistance of the Department of History.
ºEvent held with the assistance of the Kripke Center for the Study of Religion and Society.
¢ Event held with the assistance of the World Literature Program.

Professional events:

The annual meeting of the Nebraska Junior Classical League which is frequently held on Creighton's campus.



Eta Sigma Phi officers also administer the Creighton Classical Society, a club open to all CANES Majors and friends of Classical and Near Eastern studies generally which has as its scope the evening showings of Classics-related movies to family-sized groups with pizza and soft drinks, and other occasional events. There is no charge to attend (though sometimes there is a modest request to help pay for the food).

The most recent movies to be shown were

Monty Python's Life of Brian (30 Sept. 08; 16 Sept. 04)
History of the World, Part I
(7 Nov. 03)
Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?
(19 Sept. 03)
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
(21 June 03)
Monty Python's Life of Brian (28 March 03)
(28 Feb. 03)

Movies proposed for future showings include: The Fall of the Roman Empire, Titus, Spartacus, Ben Hur, Fellini's Satyricon, and Quo Vadis. Vote early and vote often.

The Classics Club sponsored the celebration on 23 April '04 initiation following the Eta Sigma Phi Honor Society initiation held in the Jesuit gardens.

Classics Club Fasti:
Co-presidents, 2002-2003 Academic Year, Brian Barrett and Amanda Kimura.

Administrators: Eta Sigma Phi Officers
Attaché: Julie Mund

Administrators: Eta Sigma Phi Officers
Attaché: Bekah Jerde