O Lord, how manifold are thy works!
In wisdom hast thou made them all:
the earth is full of thy riches. (Psalm 104:24)

What is the NRCSE?

Often with scientific issues that have religious implications, as in debates between proponents of evolutionary science and proponents of creationism or intelligent design,  it seems as if there is a fundamental conflict between science and religion.  We in the Nebraska Religious Coalition for Science Education (NRCSE) are Nebraskans of various religious faiths who respect both science and theology.  Our mission is to proclaim the compatibility of good science (including evolution) and good theology (including creation).  The NRCSE recognizes the duty of Nebraska's schools to help students understand the best available science.  We believe that evolution can and should be taught in a scientifically sound manner that is neutral regarding philosophical or religious worldviews.  We are convinced that academic freedom, religious freedom, and scientific integrity are compatible.  Those of us who view theism and evolution as compatible realize that some people (both atheists and theists) will not agree with us. Some atheists claim that their view is a necessary correlate of evolutionary science.  Some anti-evolutionists similarly echo the claim that evolution inevitably leads to atheism.  All we ask is that different views be articulated as clearly as possible, without "spin" and without antagonism or hostility.  For example, we respect the approach taken by Dr. Todd Wood, who acknowledges that evolution is good science and that it's his personal faith choice to reject it.  We respectfully disagree with Dr. Wood on whether evolution is compatible with Christianity (we think it is), but Dr. Wood shows that misrepresenting or denying scientific evidence is not the only approach available to those who believe they must reject evolution for religious reasons. 
Climate Change
Another example of an issue involving science (both natural science and social science) with religious implications is climate change. 
Here is a partial list of religious organizations working on this issue.
Catholic Climate Covenant Interfaith Power & Light
Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Sciences
Earth Ministry National Council of Churches Eco-Justice Programs (Creation Justice Ministries)
Evangelical Environmental Network National Religious Partnership for the Environment
Faith In Place The Regeneration Project
GreenFaith Restoring Eden

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